The Birth Of Giriraj Govardhan!

The birth of Giriraj Govardhan…

One day, in the beautiful rasa-dance circle, which was filled with the tinkling of anklets and with courtyards splendid with pearls and parasols, strings of flowering malati vines fragrant with nectar honey, sounds of flute and mridanga and beautiful singing from beautiful throats, and which was shining with many beautiful girls, Radha cast a sidelong glance at Lord Krishna, who is more charming that many millions of Kamadevas, and who generously gives the sweetest nectar. She spoke to Him the following words. O Lord of the worlds, if You are pleased with My love in this rasa-dance, then there is a desire in My heart I would like to place before You.


The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: O girl with the beautiful thighs, You may ask for whatever Your heart desires. O beloved, if I have not already given it, I will lovingly give whatever You wish. Sri Radha said: In splendid Vrindavana forest, in a beautiful and secluded place by the Yamuna’s shore, please make an arena for a nectar rasa-dance. O Lord of lords, this is My desire.

Sri Narada said: Saying, “So be it”, the Lord meditated. With His lotus eyes he looked inside His heart. As the gopis watched, Krishna’s love, in a form of fire and water, came from His heart as a sprout comes up from the ground. Falling onto the ground of the rasa-dance circle, that love grew into a great mountain filled with many caves and swiftly-moving streams, beautiful with kadamba, bakula, and asoka trees and a great network of flowering vines, opulent with mandara and kunda flowers, and filled with graceful birds. O king of Videha, in a single moment that mountain became eight hundred thousand miles wide and eight billion miles long. It was like another Ananta Shesha. It was four billion miles tall. It is four billion miles tall eternally. It was like a gigantic elephant. It had a hundred eighty-million-mile-tall peaks. O king of Mithila, it was like a great palace with many golden domes.


As the mountain expanded, Goloka became filled with fear and there was a great uproar. Lord Krishna at once stood up and slapped the mountain with His hand. He said, “Why do You expand so much? You have covered the entire realm! Why do you not stop at once?” In this way Krishna stopped the mountain from growing any further.

Gazing at this best of mountains, Lord Krishna’s beloved Radha was very pleased. O king, She enjoyed pastimes with Krishna in a secluded place on that mountain. In this way Govardhana Hill, which is the best of mountains, which is dear to the Lord, which is dark as a monsoon cloud, and which contains within itself all holy places, was manifested by Lord Krishna.

Govardhana Hillharekrishnaturkiye

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